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About me: 

I’m Emilly, I am 24 years old and I've been a Neopets player since I was a kid (my dream is to have an UC faerie Xweetok). In neo, I love to customize all the time. I've been selling Discounted Neopets Neocash Cards since August 2020 and I always try to provide the best customer service ever.

Why aren’t you in shoppy anymore? 

My last store was here https://shoppy.gg/@millync (you can check out all the feedbacks if you're interested!). Unfortunately, some months ago I had a problem with the payment method I picked and the company didn’t help me to fix the issue (I called several times, sent many messages and everything), I got super stressed and anxious about that and it still isn’t solved. That’s why I spent the last few weeks and finally found the safest payment method and a great website (where I could edit the header to look prettier and stuff), that’s why I’m only accepting credit cards and debit cards now, hope you understand.

How is it possible to sell discounted NC Cards? 

Due to currency exchange, we can buy NC cards on BRL and when we sell it in USD we can make some profit out of it. All Brazilian sellers buy from a trustworthy supplier so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

Why should I purchase Neocash Cards instead of buying directly from the site? 

Buying Neocash Cards from me is cheaper and you even get gift boxes when you redeem the cards. Besides that, if you face any trouble, you can just contact me and I will fix it right away instead of waiting several days for a ticket.

How can I redeem the NC Card?

You can redeem it here

I purchased and didn’t get the card, what should I do?

Sometimes there’s a bit of a delay, but always contact me to make sure everything is alright (because you might have mistyped your email or something similar).

I got an error finishing my purchase with stripe.

As I said, stripe has a good security system, because of this, sometimes it might not let you finish your purchase at first, in case this happens, please call your credit card provider and let them know if was an intended purchase and it will allow you to purchase from me in the future.It's a protection measure provided to avoid fraudulent purchases.

How can I buy?

Go to https://millync.e-junkie.com/, pick your products and then “Add to cart”, then, click “Pay using debit/credit card” and add your informations (you don’t need to write your phone, company or check the box of news, it’s all optional), just click “PAY XX USD” and after your payment is approved, you will get the codes in your email box!!

If your order keeps processing and you need any kind of support, please contact me so I can help you out!!

Thank you so much for your support, if you have further questions or face some trouble, don’t hesitate to ask me anything!!

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